The Shaw Public Library Board of Trustees serve the library and community to help guide library policy, programs, services and more.   The board members are appointed by the Town of Greenville and serve a 3 year term.   Their core responsibilities include:

  • Providing input and recommendations, when invited and as appropriate, in support of the governing entity’s interviewing, selection, and performance evaluation of the library director.
  • Supporting library management initiatives and decisions
  • Providing input on library policies and budget proposals
  • Assisting the library director in determining the library’s mission and vision
  • Participating in short and long-range strategic planning
  • Advocating for adequate resources through the municipal budgeting process
  • Being familiar with and assisting the library to promote the library’s resources, services and public image
  • Providing a forum for public communication on library issues
  • Assisting the library in community needs assessment
  • Reporting library activities and issues back to the governing entity
  • Assisting in succession planning for new board members by identifying and motivating others to serve on the board of trustees when openings occur
  • Being knowledgeable about existing and new populations in the community
  • Staying aware of current trends affecting the library as well as foundations and trends in librarianship

More information can be found in the Maine State Library Trustee Handbook.

Library Trustees
Jolene Staruch – President
Barbara Crossman – Secretary
Linda Wohlforth – Treasurer
Lynn Mulholland
Marlene Stevens