To sign up for a library card -
  1. Need to show proof of residency/ some form of identification
  2. Valid mailing address
  3. Valid phone number
Residents and property owners of Greenville and Greenville, jct., pay for the operational cost of Shaw Public Library thorough their yearly town taxes. Several towns make an annual donation to the library thus helping with operational costs. Those towns are Shirley, Beaver Cove and Harford's point association. In order to make it equitable for all we are charging the following yearly fees for everyone outside of these areas:
  • Yearly family card - $20.00/year
  • Yearly individual card - $10.00/year
  • Temporary(3 weeks) - $5.00
Our Collections

The main library (The Shaw Building) houses our adult collection. There is comfortable seating & tables for work space and a friendly staff to help you find what you need.

We have a wide collection of fiction, non-fiction, large print, paperbacks, a wonderful collection of Maine books, music cd's, DVD's, audio books, local newspapers, magazines. We also have a wonderful telescope for viewing the stars (ask at the desk, how you can take this home)

We offer interlibrary loan - if we don't have what you need in our collection.

At the front of the Shaw library building, you will find on the left of the front door our book & DVD return.

The Davis Annex
(yellow house behind main library)
This building houses our public computers. On the desktop of the computers we have put some handy links
  2. My Maine connection
  3. Learning express (for continuing education)
  4. Plus you can download a book, audios, and e-books free by going to download info net library
  • You need to sign in at the main desk in the children’s room
    • Time limit of 30 minutes
  • Printing from the computers, black & white only
    • .25 cents a page
Children must have a signed parents’ permission form The annex houses our collection of children’s books pre-school to high school